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Taping is another modality which our Physiotherapists use to achieve good outcomes in various musculoskeletal conditions. Taping is usually done to support a joint or muscles as well as helping to improve bruising or swelling. The type of tapes available at The Rehab Centre include rigid, kinesiology tape and active tape.

Rigid tape is the best form of tape to support a joint and is what we like to call an ‘external ligament’, these tapes have no elasticity in them and provide a snug fit to keep a joint stable during dynamic movement.

Kinesiology tape has some slight elasticity to it and is usually used to speed up the recovery of swelling and bruises. It is also sometimes applied to provide some support to joints without restricting movement.

Active tape is the most elastic tape we have available and acts as what we call an ‘external muscle’ as it provides a small recoil thus offloading the affected muscle. This helps to prevent the injured tissue from being overworked whilst undergoing the recovery process.