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If you are in a position where your Orthopaedic specialist has recommended a surgery for your condition, we are here to guide you through the journey from pre-surgery to going back to your usual activities. Studies show that going through pre-operative Physiotherapy improves post-surgical outcomes and shortens the recovery process. We will modify exercises for you which will best suit your current condition and ensure that you are in the best possible condition before undergoing your surgery.

Post-operative Physiotherapy can start the same or the next day and this is usually carried out by the Physiotherapist in the hospital. Following which, Physiotherapy sessions can actually begin the same week to get you moving as early as possible. Early mobility and strengthening exercises help to decrease the recovery time and ensure that we reduce post-surgical joint stiffness and muscle loss. We will also work closely with your Orthopaedic specialist to ensure that you are exercising safely and that your progress is monitored each step of the way.