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Functional Training in Singapore

Fitness Classes for Peak Performance

Whether you want to build some strength or you’re recovering from an injury, our Functional Training classes will help you meet your goals.

We offer a wide variety of personalised classes and training based on your needs and designed to help you reach your goals, including supervised exercise, return to sport training, strength & conditioning, and fitness training. So whether you just want to increase your strength, or you need specialised help as you return to your favourite sport, schedule a fitness session today.

Functional Training Benefits

There are countless benefits of functional training, both for recovery and overall health.

Build Strength and Confidence

Develop strength and build muscles to improve your overall health and contribute to daily activities such as walking up stairs or handling groceries or participating in your favourite sport.

Reduce Risk of Injuries

Increasing bone and muscular strength can help reduce the risk of future injuries.

Return to Sport

Fitness training can also aid in an athlete’s return to sport. We’ll help you return to peak performance after your injury so you can return to the sport or activity you love, confidently and safely.

Functional Trainer Singapore

Meet Our Lead Functional Trainer

Having obtained his Diploma in Sports and Exercise Science from PSB Academy and a Bachelor’s Degree in Sports and Exercise Science at Edith Cowan University, Sebastian has honed his skills and knowledge in Exercise Rehabilitation, Functional Anatomy and Strength & Conditioning.

Sebastian developed a strong interest in rehabilitation and strength & conditioning, following an injury to his ACL and MCL. His experience with the rehabilitation program exposed him to the spectrum of rehabilitative methods employed in his recovery. This pushed Sebastian to help others return to the routine or sport they enjoy.

Proficient in hydrotherapy, strength and conditioning, sports massage and exercise rehabilitation, Sebastian is able to deploy these techniques – individualised to the client – to achieve your goals, whether they are taking a walk in the park or enjoying soccer in your weekend khakis.

Though a fresh face in the rehabilitation scene, Sebastian has a natural affinity to anatomy and is quick to pick up on a client’s needs and assess each situation effectively. Sebastian has a friendly demeanour and enjoys meeting new people, which makes it easy for him to communicate with his clients and build a strong relationship with them.

Sebastian has a deep interest in sports, specialising in Powerlifting and Volleyball, where he has competed in multiple competitions. In his free time, he also enjoys long-boarding and running.

Functional Training FAQ

What is Functional Training?

Functional training involves a program of exercises undertaken to improve or maintain one’s fitness, overall health, or to assist in recovery from an injury or surgery

Why participate in fitness classes?
Fitness training isn’t just about looking good. There are various physical demands in everyday life – like standing from a chair, crossing the road, climbing stairs, or running a marathon. Each of these activities requires a certain level of physical ability. To accomplish these requires strength. Without some level of fitness, everyday life can be difficult – and can potentially lead to injury.
Who can benefit from functional training?

Anyone can benefit from functional training, regardless of age, gender or physical ability!

Why can’t I just do my own exercises?
Having a fitness trainer can provide you with the tools, support, structure and accountability to reach a goal. A trainer can make your exercise program safer to reduce the risk of injury.
How does the trainer know what to do?
Our Sports trainer is trained in exercise rehabilitation, anatomy and sports science. He also works closely with your Therapist to ensure that your eventual return to sport is safe and appropriate and that you will be able to address any of your concerns safely and efficiently.
I have just recovered from my injury, is it safe to start doing functional training?

It is recommended that you start on functional training once you have received the green light from your Therapist.

How long is each session?
Each session will last for an hour
What can I expect at my first session?
Expect to be assessed by your sports trainer as a check of your physical ability and to have a chat with him about your goals and how you can work together with him to achieve your goals.
What do I need to bring / wear to my training sessions?
You should wear gym-suitable clothes you feel comfortable in – breathable shorts or leggings, a light top that will draw sweat away from your body, and shoes with socks.

About The Rehab Centre

The Rehab Centre is a group of like-minded Allied Health Professionals (AHPs), aspiring to provide high quality, accessible, and ethical care to our patients – all in one place. Having to visit various centres for different health and wellness needs can be a hassle. Recovering from an injury can often involve multiple referrals, appointments in different places, and phone calls that consist primarily of hold music.

The Rehab Centre was born out of a desire to provide a one-stop care centre for your health and wellness needs. Come visit us and we’ll partner you in achieving our goals.

Recover Fully

Whether you were recently injured or have been dealing with a disorder, our team of specialists is well equipped to help you recover to your fullest potential.

Meet Health Goals

Meet your wellness goals through our pilates classes and fitness training by building strength, improving conditioning, and taking control over your body.

Meet at Home

We listen first and prescribe second. You won’t be judged at The Rehab Centre – only welcomed, encouraged, and pushed to be the best version of yourself.

Save Time & Hassle

Don’t worry about jumping through referral hoops and having to schedule appointments at multiple clinics. We can help you meet a wide range of health and wellness goals all under one roof.

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