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Diabetes is a systemic condition that affects the whole body. Not only does it have significant physical impacts on individuals, it comes at a heavy financial burden as well. It is a serious condition, that Singapore never declared war on anything or anyone, but Diabetes. Diet restriction, medications and Insulin are common strategies that we think of when it comes to managing Diabetes. However, we do not actively think of Lower Limb preventative care and management.

Podiatry is an important part of your Diabetes health care team. Podiatrists are specialised professionals to assess the health of your feet, identify risk factors that can cause complications, perform treatment if needed, and come up with a management plan in place to reduce the risk of lower limb complications from Diabetes.

In a recent publication, individuals under 50 years old had an average of 9 months for Diabetes related lower limb complications to require severe medical intervention. This time shrunk to 2 months for individuals above 50.

Diabetes related lower limb conditions can potentially be missed because of the absence of symptoms at times.
Initial signs may include:

Diminished or reduced sensation in your toes and feet
Numbness, burning, pins and needles, electric shock sensations
Pain or cramping in your calves, thighs or buttocks when walking, and goes away when you stop

Diabetes affects your ability to feel and to heal. Conditions such as Peripheral neuropathy and Peripheral Vascular Disease contribute to the risk of developing lower limb complications.

Regular surveillance, treatment and management, as well as diabetic foot screenings are highly recommended to be part of your strategy to prevent lower limb complications from Diabetes.

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