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Home Therapy in Singapore

Are you receovering from a surgery? Is a loved one having difficulty performing daily tasks? Is a loved one too ill to come out of the house? Getting around with your crutches or wheelchair and having to arrange for transport or the time of the family member can often times be frustrating and vexing.

Fret not. The Rehab Centre provides a one-stop care solution for your rehabilaition needs. Whether you’re looking for a Podiatrist, Hand Therapist or Physiotherapist to come by your place for therapy, we are just a phone call away.

Your therapist will be able to bring along their necassary tools to ensure that they will be able to provide the best level of care in the comforts of your home.

Allow our experienced and qualified Therapist to conduct individualised therapy sessions in the comfort and convenience of your residence.


Who is home therapy for?

  • If you’re experiencing acute musculoskeletal pain i.e. acute low back pain or ankle sprains
  • An elderly patient
  • Anyone with any chronic medical conditions that will limit mobility i.e. unable to move around as usual
  • One who is experiencing functional decline from prolonged bed rest i.e. unable to sit up or unable to perform basic self care like changing or bathing
  • Post surgery i.e. total knee replacement, total hip replacement
  • Post stroke/ cancer
  • If you require caregiver training in the comfort of home environment
  • Those working from home and prefers home-based therapy

Our therapist will conduct a thorough history taking to understand your condition, your concerns and rehabilitation goals, followed by a physical assessment with some tests and movements to identify the impairment/problem.

With the information available, our therapist will then render the appropriate treatment (e.g., manual therapy, movement/postural facilitation, exercise therapy, functional training, walking-aid training etc).

Patient/caregiver will also be provided tailored advice (e.g., how to manage pain? how to modify daily activities? how to exercise safely?)

Looking for home therapy in Singapore? Get in touch with us to find out how we can help!

Home Therapy FAQ

What is home therapy?

We empahtise that getting around in a wheelchair or moving around in a pair of crutches is often vexing and troublesome. We are therefore able to see you at your place of residence to provide the same level of care as you would expect at any of our clinics. 

Can you do pool or gym therapy?

Why not? If you have a gym or a pool at home, our Physiotherapist will also help you rehabilitate either in the gym or pool. Feel free to discuss your goals with your therapist and they will be able to address them. 

Do I need a doctor’s referral to receive home therapy?

Not at all. Simply call our clinic at 69807720, or email us at to make an appointment. We will confirm your appointment before you head down to our clinic.

However, if you have a referral from a Doctor or any health professional, please let us know when you make your appointment. 

I do not have any gym equipment at home. Would that be a problem?

No not at all! You would be glad to hear that besides being to get you back on your feet, we can get quite creative at doing that as well! Water bottles, rice, chairs…whatever you have in your house, we will and can make do with it! 

How long do most appointments last?

A consultation with our therapist may last from 45 mins up to 1 hour, depending on the amount of treatment that needs to be done, as well as your progress.

What can I expect for a home therapy visit?

Exactly the same as you would in the clinic! Our therapist will assess you the same way they would in the clinic. 

Our treatment goals would the same but the methods of doing so might slightly defer depending on the available equipment you have at home.