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Continuing Education for Allied Health Professionals

Courses for Allied Health Professionals in Singapore

Continuing education forms the cornerstone of The Rehab Centre. Information continues to bombard us. How can we be sure that what we hear and share are correct? How can we improve our practice, as evidence-informed professionals, to curate information for our patients who entrust us with their care? We learn from the best.

If you’re looking to expand your knowledge base, and keen to meet like-minded clinicians, look no further! Keep a look-out for upcoming courses that will value-add to your growth and development as a trusted health care professional in the comforts of Singapore!

We aspire to invite world-class researchers and clinicians who are experts in their field of Hand Therapy, Physiotherapy and Podiatry.

Here is a snippet of some of the courses we have hosted. We hope to continue to add to this list of events!

Cervical Spine Disorders

Management of Cervical Disorders with Dr Julia Treleaven

The assessment and management of the role of the cervical spine in headache and dizziness. A research informed approach with an emphasis on therapeutic exercise.

22-23 July 2023, 9am @ Hotel Jen, Singapore

Neck pain, headache and dizziness upper cervical disorders are prevalent conditions and headache are two of the most prevalent pain disorders, affecting a large portion of the global population, and thereby it represents a major health problem, disturbing both quality of life and work productivity. These disorders may arise for a wide range of reasons ranging from work-related stresses to trauma including motor vehicle accidents and sporting injuries, and at times even occur for no known reason at all.

These conditions often co-exist and may or not be related to one another. Thus, there are several possible roles that the cervical spine can play in those with headache or dizziness and it is important to identify these so that appropriate management can be provided. The purpose of this course is to provide an update on theoretical knowledge, advanced clinical reasoning and assessment of the role of the neck in those with headache and dizziness of sporting injuries, with a strong focus on Physiotherapy clinical practice.


SGD 1000 (early bird)

SGD 1200 (after 31 March 2023)

Please email us at should you have any queries. 

Dry Needling Course, Singapore

Dry Needling Course with A/Prof Dr. Jane Rooney, in collaboration with The Australian Physiotherapy Association

25-26 Mar 2023, 8am @ The Carlton Hotel, Singapore

Is dry needling useful? Does dry needling work? When should we use dry needling? How often should we see a patient to apply dry needling? Is dry needling bad?

These are some common questions that we ask ourselves as health care professionals. Come get them answered as we meet with A/Prof Jane to better understand the mechanisms of dry needling, the purpose of deploying this technique and importantly, the safety considerations of this technique.

PART A (Pre-requisite for Part B)
Safety Module + Part A Lecture – BOOK YOUR TICKET NOW

Practical Session – BOOK YOUR TICKET HERE

Important: You are required to complete Part A (Safety Module and Dry Needling Level 1 – Part A) before you’re allowed to take part in the Practical Session (Part B). 


  1. Dry needling knowledge grounded in research and science
  2. A sound reasoning for when to apply Dry Needling
  3. An Australian Physiotherapy Association-endorsed certificate for your participation


  1. Part A: SGD 250
  2. Part B: SGD 1200

Please email us at should you have any queries. 

Group photo of Dry Needling Course 2023
Dry Needling Workshop Singapore 2023

Knee Masterclass, Singapore

Knee Masterclass with A/Prof Jane Rooney

10 Sep 2022, 5pm @ Bukit Timah Plaza

Looking for a Physiotherapy course in Singapore? Here is a 4-hour intensive workshop designed for practising Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists looking to improve their clinical reasoning and management of their patients.

Join Associate Professor Jane Rooney for an evening Knee Masterclass in Singapore. Jane is a Specialist Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist (sub-speciality knee), Titled Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist and Director of Prahran Sports Medicine Centre and Physio Educators.

Jane will present three case studies with clinical reasoning and rehabilitation principles, patient videos and a summary of the contemporary literature in knee ligament injuries (MCL and ACL) early and late stage rehab and the unfortunate sequelae of early knee osteoarthritis. There will be Q&A opportunities through the evening.