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Course Details

Date: 4-5 April 2024
Presenter: A/Prof Dr. Jane Rooney
Venue: The Carlton Hotel, Singapore
Part A: SGD250
Part B: SGD1200

Dry Needling Course, Singapore

Dry Needling Course with A/Prof Dr. Jane Rooney, in collaboration with The Australian Physiotherapy Association

4 & 5 April 2024, 8am
The Carlton Hotel, Singapore

What is dry needling? How does dry needling work? What to expect during dry needling? How often should we see a patient to apply dry needling? Is dry needling bad?

These are some common questions that we ask ourselves as health care professionals. Come get them answered as we meet with A/Prof Jane to better understand the mechanisms of dry needling, the purpose of deploying this technique and importantly, the safety considerations of this technique.

PART A (Pre-requisite for Part B)
Safety Module + Part A Lecture

Practical Session

Important: You are required to complete Part A (Safety Module and Dry Needling Level 1 – Part A) before you’re allowed to take part in the Practical Session (Part B). 


  1. Dry needling knowledge grounded in research and science
  2. A sound reasoning for when to apply Dry Needling
  3. An Australian Physiotherapy Association-endorsed certificate for your participation


  1. Part A: SGD 250
  2. Part B: SGD 1200

    Please email us at should you have any queries. 

    Dry Needling Course 4-5 April 2024