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Quality Treatment & Care

Individualised treatment sessions with well-trained quality healthcare professionals.
We aim to maximise best treatment outcomes.

Patients Come First, Always

From the accessibility, convenience and environment of our clinics, to the quality and results of treatment and care rendered. We constantly strive for patient satisfaction.

We Solve Problems

We get to the bottom of things. We seek to understand what has brought you to us and address it.

Hand Therapy, Physiotherapy & Podiatry

Take Charge of Your Health & Wellness

The Rehab Centre is your one-stop care centre for health and well-being. From injury recovery to achieving wellness – we’ll help you meet your goals. Whether it’s to see a Hand Therapist, Podiatrist, Physiotherapist or Pilates Instructor, we will have the right person for you to address any of your healthcare and well-being needs.

Looking to address your healthcare needs under one roof? At The Rehab Centre, you will be taken care by a team of professionals who will work hand-in-hand in order to maximise best outcomes for you.

Expect constant communication between your healthcare team as they manage your concerns in tandem. 

Your One-Stop to Holistic Health

Whether your goal is to take a pain-free walk or run a marathon, we can help though a wide range of services:

Hand Therapy

Pain in the hand, wrist, or elbow can be extremely limiting. We’ll create a personalised treatment plan to help you heal, maximise the function in your hand and upper limb, and get back to what you love


Shoulder pain treatment and assessment Singapore managed by The Rehab Centre


Experiencing pain, have a nagging injury, or recovering from a surgery? Our team will devise a tailored rehabilitation programme to help you recover as quickly as functionally possible.



Foot disorders and injuries can be painful and debilitating. We pride ourselves on providing effective and safe treatments to help you get back to walking, running, and exercising – pain free.


Plyo drills Singapore managed by The Rehab Centre

Fitness Therapy

Our wide range of fitness classes can help in recovery, return to sport, strength building, conditioning, and reducing the risk of future injuries.


Pilates Singapore at The Rehab Centre


Our 1-on-1 pilates sessions can benefit anyone. Pilates can serve as a valuable part of rehabilitation, or aid those looking to gain strength, balance, and flexibility.


Multiple Services, One Goal

Though The Rehab Centre offers a range of services under one roof, our team works in harmony to provide holistic care and ensure you’re making progress toward your goals – whether you’re healing from an injury, recovering post-surgery, or returning to sport. Each member of our team will be fully aware of your goals and progress and will work hand in hand to achieve your goals.

Once you’re more able , our fitness and pilates instructors can improve your fitness and keep you from future injuries, while catering to your lifestyle needs and goals. Rest assured, our team is fully committed to your well-being.

Why Choose the Rehab Centre?

Recover Fully

Whether you were recently injured or have been dealing with pain, our team of specialists is well equipped to help you recover and return to your fullest potential.

Meet Health Goals

Meet your wellness goals through our pilates classes and fitness training by building strength, improving conditioning, and taking control over your body.

Feel At Home

We listen first and prescribe second. You won’t be judged at The Rehab Centre – only welcomed, encouraged, and pushed to be the best version of yourself.

Save Time & Hassle

Don’t worry about jumping through referral hoops and having to schedule appointments at multiple clinics. We can help you meet a wide range of health and wellness goals all under one roof.

About The Rehab Centre

The Rehab Centre is made up of a group of like-minded Allied Health Professionals (AHPs), aspiring to provide high quality, accessible, and ethical care to our patients – all in one place. Having to visit various centres for different health and wellness needs can be a hassle. Recovering from an injury can often involve multiple referrals, appointments in different places, and phone calls that consist primarily of hold music.

The Rehab Centre was born out of a desire to provide a one-stop care centre for your health and wellness needs. Come visit us and we’ll help you achieve your goals.

Pilates in SIngapore

What Our Patients Are Saying

My wife first consultation with Podiatrist Mr. Daniel Wong at The Rehab Centre was in mid-April 2022 after experiencing 2 years of bad pain on her left foot due to a flat foot and bunion. She could not walk for more than 5 minutes, she had to stopped and let the pain subside before taking the next step.

Daniel was very patient in listening and asked many questions related to the pain. He performed a series of tests and examinations before explaining clearly to her about the cause of her pain.

He explained to my wife in length with clarity about the problems and ways to take care of her feet. He is very knowledgeable and professional in this field. He not only provided her with exercise to strengthen the foot, also taught her how to source for a pair of good walking shoes with a pair of insoles that best suit her feet.

She is very grateful to Daniel. After the first visit and with all his recommendations, she could walk a few thousand steps with much less pain. In end April 2022, during her trip in Bangkok, she was able to walk 13,000 steps every day for the 6 days trip in Bangkok!! Presently, Daniel is preparing a pair of tailored made, interchangeable insole for the shoes to enhance her walking.

Thank you very much, Daniel, you changed her life, she has no fear in walking anymore. 😊

– Mrs D. Lee

Joanna’s sessions have been an essential part of my wrist rehabilitation and recovery journey. After my TFCC wrist operation last December, she has been meticulous and patient in planning out my rehab program, giving me clear instructions and exercises to work on every session. She is also very encouraging, setting goals and helping me look forward to achieve the next milestone. I’m very thankful for all her help and my wrist is back to 100% functionality! =)

– HL Lee

I had the immense privilege to be taken care of by Daniel. I always had some foot pain in both my feet and I thought it was because I had tried to file my skin too vigorously and hence brought on the bleeding and the pain. It was also beginning to affect the way I ran because I found myself avoiding the painful bits of my foot.

I sought help at The Rehab Centre and lo and behold, Daniel informed me that in my right foot, I had both corns/ calluses, which was causing me to alter the way I ran and in my left, warts, which would explain the bleeding in my heel!

He was clear and helpful in explaining the treatment that was necessary. He also took time to explain what the cause of the problem might be and how I might be able to prevent the same thing from happening in the future.

Now I know what a Podiatrist is and what they do and more importantly, Daniel managed to address my foot pain so that I am able to return to my exercises more comfortably!

Thank you Daniel and thank you Rehab Centre for being so helpful and professional through my time with you!

– YL

Long overdue review for my Hand Therapist Joanna. I can say with 100% certainty that Joanna is probably one of the most professional and caring Hand Therapist out there. She’s sincerely invested in her patients’ well-being. She’s also very patient and happy to answer any queries I may have on my exercises even over text. Couldn’t have asked for a better Hand Therapist to aid me in my recovery process!

– Eik Kar

Excellent! Went for a Podiatrist treatment and also to get a pair of insoles & it was great experience. Daniel (Podiatrist) is very experienced & even explained in detail everything. Highly Recommended 👍

– Chew Chin Hao

Excellent!! Injured my wrist and was with Joanna (Hand Therapist) who helped. I am now fully recovered and is able to perform my daily activities and exercises. Highly recommend!!

– BW

Healthcare You Can Rely On

5 Expert Specialists

5 Therapeutic Services

15+ Health Degrees & Certifications

45+ Years Combined Experience


Do I need to make an appointment?

Yes, we run strictly on an appointment only basis. Please call us at +65 6980 7720 or email us at to schedule a visit with us.

Do I need a doctor's referral to seek help?

No. Our team are primary healthcare practitioners. We are trained to assess, diagnose and treat our patients as required. We will be able to refer you on to the appropriate specialty should there be a need to do so.

What are the payment options available?

We accept CASH, NETS, major bank credit cards i.e. VISA, MasterCard, AMEX or PayNow

Can I use my insurance to cover my treatment cost?

Most insurance policies would cover the cost of Hand Therapy, Physiotherapy and Podiatry. Please check  your insurance policies if would like to make a claim. Keep your invoices to faciliate the claim process as well. 

What to wear to a Physiotherapy appointment?

Come in something comfortable. If you have shoulder pain, bring a sleveeless top along. Conversely, if you would like to have your knee pain addressed, bring a pair of shorts along. Don’t have them? Not to worry. We have some clean change for your use! 

How long does Physiotherapy last?

Each session is 45 mins long. Your session, similar to Hand Therapy and Podiatry, will involve a thorough interview about the area of your concern, a physical examination and most importantly, adequate time for the treaatment and understanding of your pains! 

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